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Tea Cup or Miniature are they safe to buy?

Tea Cup or Miniature

Tea Cup puppies are one of the most popular crazes around. They are cute to look at, fit in your pocket and very fragile looking. But dog welfare organization are warning that this type of puppy buying Tea Cup or Miniature (which are the same) are putting the pets life at risk.

Why Breed so small?

The most popular area of this type of breed is in South Korea and the US. Also where we are in the UK, these Miniature puppies are well worth anything up to £1000 or even more depending what type of puppy you want. For the size of such a breed has a Tea Cup is unnatural, they are so tiny and fragile.  A full grown Teacup/Miniature will actuall fit in a french teacup. The health of such a cruel breed is bad, congenital defects, respiratory, fragile bones and organ failure.

Tea Cup or Miniature not recognized as a breed

Welfare organizations and the Kennel Club Charitable Trust will not class it as a breed but only a label. Its all about breeding a runt of the litter with runts and just keep going breeding like that. The puppy his taken from their mother before the eight week are up. Then sold for a £1000 upwards.

The Kennel Club refuses to recognize this has a breed of dog and any decent pedigree breeder will scoff at the idea of breeding such in a cruel way.

Money Market

This is a pet farm and a get rich scheme that a proper pedigree breeder would not observe. If you ever get someone who says to you “Had a Tea Cup and it lived for 12 years” don’t believe them.  You cannot tell from such a young age if you have bought a so called Tea Cup or a normal Toy breed.  Those who have come to me stating that they have got a Miniature, I’ve taken one look at it and said to myself no that’s no Tea Cup dog its just a normal breed. Tea Cup dogs very rarely live long.  Sometimes breeders either don’t have a clue what puppies they have and they take one look at the puppies and say £700 for that puppy and £1000 for that puppy because that’s a Miniature/Tea Cup.

Don’t get mixed up with the term ‘Toy’ with Tea Cup up or Miniature. A Toy Puppy as in Toy Yorkshire Terrier is a breed recognized by the Kennel Club.

So if you care about your dog and also care about your money then DON’T buy a Tea Cup. These breeders will not give you your money back when your puppy dies early. So please do not fuel this cruel industry.

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