Dog walking is one of the main services that Muttley's Walk provides.  As a rule, I will only take a maximum of three dogs out at any one time, depending on size.  However, taking two for a walk is more desirable for safety reasons and in the event that I would need to pick your dog’s up if there was ever any incidents.  I will take your dog’s to a large open area so that they can have a good run and return happy and tired after their walk.  I will supply water, treats and Dog Poop Bags.

House Visit

At Muttley's Walk we offer house visits as a service.  This is especially useful for owners who are working all day or work away and need the peace of mind that their loved pet is being looked after and given the company that they need in their own home.  I will visit your house, feed, play and let your pet out into the garden.  This can just take 5 to 15 minutes just to say hello to your dog and make sure that they have everything that they need.

Extended House Visits

If you require regular checks on your dog throughout the day, then I can also offer this.  I will call at your house more than once a day and regularly check in on your dog, giving your dog more company throughout the day.  I will clean up any mess made by your dog and place down fresh food and water if required.  If you require me to walk your dog during these visits, then please ask me and we will do an upgrade.  We also consider any other animal you would like use to visit.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is ideal if you have a pet that needs attention most of the day.  This could be while you work for long periods of time or if you have a weekend away.  If your dog’s howl, cry or just needs a lot of company, then we can help by offering a service that will give your dog the company and exercise that they need throughout the day.

Showering your pet

We offer a shower service for your pet.  We will make sure that your pet is clean and tidy using approved dog shower products, such as Johnson's Anti-tangle shampoo or Pets at Home Groomers Detangle Shampoo.  This is a great service for those dogs that may get a little muddy on their daily walk.  We will provide all shampoos, towels and washing equipment at no extra cost.

A trip to the vets

At those times that your pet requires a visit to the vets, Muttley’s Walk can help.  I will take your dog for their visit to the vet, whether it is for a checkup or some other purpose and then return your pet safe and sound.  Please book in advance for this service and let us know the time and place of your appointment with the vet.  This service is for regular clients only.

Go to the groomers

We will also take your dog for their regular grooming visit.  We will take your pet for their appointment and then pick them up afterwards.  For anyone in the area of Stoke On Trent, then we would recommend Clare Kelsall as she offers a fantastic dog grooming service in your own home.  This service is for regular clients only.

Also available is micro scanning for microchips.  This is £7.00 per animal.