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Springer Spaniel

Gundog/SpanielsSpringer Spaniel

There are 4 types of gundog Spaniels that we will be discussing in the following weeks, these are Brittany, Springer, American Cocker and the Cocker Spaniels.  All these wonderful dogs seek our attention as a good house dog and companion.

Springer Spaniel

A Sturdy gundog, with a good-natured vitality that makes it an excellent companion.


When the old and diverse group of dogs known as “land spaniels” were separated into two distinct groups, the larger types acquired the name of Springer Spaniels, since they were used primarily to “spring” game for falconers.  To be successful at this work, great stamina and endurance were required, plus a keen nose and an inexhaustible interest in flushing birds.  With the introduction of the gun, the breed’s role changed, as it was also required to retrieve birds.


Willing and affectionate.


This is essentially a country dog, although it can adapt to urban life if adequate exercise is allowed for.  The coat needs regular grooming.






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