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Gundog – Irish Red Setter

Irish Red Setter

Irish Red Setter

Another look at our Gundog. This time the Irish Red Setter. Often known simply as the Red Setter, this is the raciest of the gundogs. Red Setters are hunting dogs, tireless, wide-ranging hunters to go out hunting in moorlands territories. They have an excellent sense of smell to locate their prey. The Red setter will hold a pointing position indicating the direction in which the bird lies hidden.

Gundog - Irish Red Setter – History

Spaniels, other setters and the Spanish pointers may all have played a part in this breeds ancestry. Once a red and white dog, the pure red form appeared in the 19th century and became increasingly popular. Setters were originally used for locating game which was then caught in a net. They freeze like a pointer on scenting their quarry, but then drop to the ground, or set. The first decades of the 20th century the Red Setter suffered has a breed and the population of them dwindled. In the last 35 years there have been a revival of an interest in the type of gundog.

Temperament and Requirements

Irish Setters have great charm, lively, affectionate, excitable and mischievous, they need firm handling and thorough obedience training. Great to have as a pet and get along with children and other pets. You need a field, moorlands where they can work off their superabundant energy and high spirits, are essential. Also used as therapy dogs in hospitals.

Key Characteristics of an Irish Red Setter

Head: Long and lean with a good stop. Muzzle squarish. Eyes: Hazel or dark brown. Body: Well-muscled with slightly arched loins and a well sprung rib-cage. Ears: Set low and well back, hanging close to the head. Long and silky with feathering at the top. Coat: The hallmark of the breed. It should be a rich chestnut with no black at all and no more than a few streaks of white. The hair should be as straight and flat as possible, with no feathering along the backs of legs, belly and tail. Tail: Tapering, low-set and carried level or below the back.

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