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Gundog – Breed – Weimaraner


The “grey ghost” of Germany, this is a “purpose-built” breed with a wide range of hunting skills.


Some dogs emerge gradually over the centuries, others are deliberately put together by breeders with a clear objective in mind.  There’s a bit of both in the Weimaraner, for grey hunting dogs have been known in Germany since at least the 1630s, but it was only in the 19th century that the sporting noblemen of Weimar took charge of the breed and molded it to their own specifications.  The result was a superb, all-round gundog, capable of tackling both large and small game.  Until 1929, it was rigorously controlled by the Weimaraner club, and breeding was not allowed outside Germany.  But eventually an American enthusiast succeeded in introducing the dog in America where it soon became a highly popular sporting dog.


With good breeding stock and careful handling, the Weimaraner can become a reliable family dog.  But it is an intelligent and willful animal, for whom a thorough course of training is recommended.  Undue fierceness has at times been a problem; it is vital to obtain puppies from a reputable source.


A Weimaraner needs plentiful exercise every day.





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