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Brittany Spaniel

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There are 4 types of gundog Spaniels that we will be disusing in the following weeks, these are Brittany, Springer, American Cocker and the Cocker Spaniels.  All these wonderful dogs seek our attention as a good house dog and companion.

 Brittany Spaniel

An all-round gundog that is very popular in France and America.  It has not yet been awarded championship status by the British Kennel Cub.  This breed becoming officially recognized early in the 20th.


The name “Spaniel” is probably derived from “Espanol” and recalls the fact that many gundogs – setters and pointers, as well as spaniels – trace their forebears back to the ancient sporting dogs of Spain.  In general, Spaniels are used to flush birds for the guns, whereas pointers and setters are primarily concerned with locating game.  But the Brittany Spaniel is an exception in that it points, as well as putting up the quarry for guns, and retrieving it afterwards.  This versatile dog also displays a lean, leggy physique that has more in common with the setters than with other Spaniels.  Within the last century, English Pointers blood was added to the breed which undoubtedly accentuated these characteristics.  The Brittany remains very much a working dog, and any decorative feature, such as feathering of the coat that might hamper it in dense undergrowth, are discouraged.


As with most gundogs, the long working partnership with man has produced an affable, intelligent, cooperative and willing breed.  They fairly suspicious of strangers.


Regular long walks are a must, and the Brittany will be happiest if allowed to work.

Key Characteristics

Eyes Amber or brown, not protuberant, and well protected by the brow.  Head Wedged-shaped, with a medium stop. Nose wide with good nostrils, color to tone with the darkest body color.  Ears Short, leafy and set above the eye level.  Coat Dense, wavy or flat, but not curly or silky. The color is a deep orange and white, or liver and white, with no black.  Body A short, straight back and muscular, sloping shoulders.  Tail No more than a stump, maximum length 10 cm. This may be a natural feature, or one produced by docking.

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