Domestic dog as a guard, companion and best friend

Domestic dog

Canine (K9) is in reference to our loved domestic dog. In every age across the globe, it seems that folk have in one way of another echoed the words of St Bernard (c A.D. 1150) who said, “Who loves me will love my dog also”. Well said I say! Today there is well over a hundred different breeds that are kept as pets in Britain and America. Yes, there are different range sizes, styles of dogs across the globe, but not far removed from their primitive ancestors. Our domestic dog we have today are highly adaptable creatures. The domestic side of our dog has changed. Unlike our house cat, that left alone in the wild can adapt to catch their own prey; a dog left alone in the wild without our help, would die.

Protector of our house

Dogs have an instinct to protect. The desire to guard and to keep things safe extends to the dog’s owner and family, house and garden. From the biggest to the smallest of dogs they bark to guard. Any unusual scent, any new noise or a stranger entering the house, they are their ready; barking to protect the household. The cheapest alarm that anyone would want is a dog. Reliability is that they never run out of battery power. The right sort of dog is an excellent security guard.

A man’s best friend

Dogs are social animals and require our company to live. Dogs can cuddle up to you and put their face on you asking to be loved. To deprive them of this love is unfair. Children and the elderly are the most common, maybe with them having more free time available. It’s a connection that bonds a family member to a dog and they build up a special relationship with one another.

In the wild a wolf would have a leader of the pack. It’s not so different from our domestic dog, they pick one family member to be their leader and considers that they are a part of their own pack. A friendly dog is inquisitive about family business, always ready to stand up, and watch their leader; so they can follow them around the house. Any activities they are ready. Dog sleeping! You think they are asleep, but as soon that you try to creep away, they follow the leader.

Your dog is your greatest fan and their loyalty is unquestionable. Show respect to your dog and in turn your dog will reward you. Train your dog the necessary training of come, sit, stay and fetch; its good fun for both of you.

Next time we will start of a new season on dog’s breeds, the list is endless.

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