Puppies of the same age the joy and drawbacks

Joys of little puppiespuppies

Buying two puppies can be very entertaining. They play fight, race around, bark at everything they see and are very alert. This is the ideal time to teach them to do tricks, training them to go outside to do their business. As they grow up, these pups will become very close with one another.


Buy two puppies the drawbacks

If you decide to buy two pups the best thing to do is to buy them 6 months apart. The problems you can have with puppies of the same age is that when they reach about 6-month-old and over, they can get into some very serious fights. Parting them can be a problem when you don’t know how to handle them. There is one thing for certain, you must part them and don’t let them carry on fighting. If you let them continue fighting you will end up with very serious bit marks and a big vet bill.


Why do puppies of the same age fight

Several reasons behind this. These kinds of fights happen with male dogs more than anything, normally over dominance. Puppies are like children they can fight over food, chews or even a toy. With females of the same litter their fights are over the same things, but with females; their bodies are changing and approaching season time. Normally if you have a puppy spayed it can calm it down, making a better pet for you.


How to part them

When the two puppies are seriously fighting and they got their teeth into one another; you will not be able to part them just shouting at them and pulling them apart.  Once their mouth is closed and they got their teeth into one another they will not open and let go. Now I know this seems to be cruel but it’s not, grab hold of both puppies by the scruff of the neck has a mother dog would do. Squeeze your puppy as you grab them until they squeal. They then will let go of one another. Part the pups and lock them into separate rooms and shout at them, don’t look at them. Whatever you do never hit your puppy. As the days go by they will grow out of these fights and you will have two lovable dogs.

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