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Dress up your dog is it practical?

Dress up your dog the pros and consdress

It’s a cold day Bella we need to dress up well. Let’s put your coat on and head on outside. Yes’ dogs wearing winter coats is not an unusual thing to see. Clothing for pets is a booming industry the Uk will spend over 10 billion on their dogs. Pet shops have two lines of marketing; what is practical and indulgent items.

What is practical?

Let’s try on a jumper! Let’s put some boots on its cold, and a coat. Is it right to dress our pets up like this? “The animal welfare charity claims that forcing pets to wear clothing could be harmful, and in some cases, there may even be grounds to prosecute”. But we do need to have this in the right context.

The RSPCA’s said that “clothing is appropriate for animals in some circumstances. For old, bald, thin or ill dogs a layer to provide warmth or waterproofing in cold weather may be beneficial”. For these cold winter mornings, small dogs that don’t have a coat of hair or fur need to wrap up somewhat and keep warm in practical clothing.

Clothing for dogsdress

Is your dog restricted in movement? Can they walk, run properly? The RSPCA warns owners that “animals are not an accessory and say that clothing should not restrict movement or affect their ability to relieve themselves”. You need to decide what is right or wrong. On a cold wet day, your pet does not like that type of weather, even wanting you to turn back home. Your pet will stand there and wait until you put their coat on, all about their temperament. Always have in mind comfort and well-being of your pet.

You can buy things like anxiety vests for dogs. If your dog shows a liking to such clothing then it will bring comfort to your pet. Also, the material is a factor. Wool can be itchy; cotton material is good. Whatever you buy your pet make sure that they can move in their new gear. If your pet is happy with their gear on then you will have the answer.

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