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Blog: Aggressive dogs of leads are causing a problem

Trouble with aggressive dogs?

Aggressive dogs are becoming a problem in today's world. You take your small dogs for a walk down to the local park; and your attacked by a aggressive dog that's NOT on a lead. Your dog can become badly injured with vets costs up to £1000.00 and more. This is not acceptable at all. Every time we take our dogs out we become on guard; ready to pick our dogs up. Please don't get me wrong, I know some very nice Alsatians that are soft. We need something done about these dangerous dogs off leads and this is where our site comes in. Please note: It is against the law for a dog to be seriously out of control and it can result in unlimited fine or be sent to prison for up to 6 months (or both) and your dog could be destroyed.

Your experiences of  meeting up with dogs out of control

Please tell us your experiences of attacks by aggressive dogs. First name or fake name needed. We need has many experiences  we can collect. On my contact form please fill in with a genuine name and address. We need to match your experiences up with your contact information. Contact information is confidential; and not shown in any data internet site. By gathering data like this across Staffordshire and the rest of the UK we can see how far out of control it is.

Aggressive dogs and three directives for dog walking

Muttley's Walk provide a one to one dog walking service. Ideal if you live a busy lifestyle and have little time to take your pet out. At Muttley's Walk we have three directives which we abide by these are -

(1) A nice steady walk in the park with your dog with no heavy pulling of the lead.

(2) Always pickup your poop to avoid a fine and giving a child toxocariasis, (also wikipedia).

(3) See other dog owners walking toward you, on a lead or not, pick your pet up (if its small enough). Alternatively walk the other way or cross the road.

With these three directives in mind, you can rest assure Muttley's Walk will take good care of your dog and provide the right kind or service. This gives us and you peace of mind that no situation will arise with other dog owners who have their dog roaming around with no leash on (see responsible dog owners).

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